A special piece for that special space. Park City Woodworks can craft furniture to meet your design requirements. Bring us your ideas and we can help to create something unique for your home or business.

Park City Woodworks also specializes in furniture repair. From broken legs to resurfacing furniture to bringing an old piece back to life, please contact us for your repair needs.

Why Choose Custom Furniture?

There’s no shortage of quality manufacturers to choose from when you’re picking out your furniture. They come with different design philosophies, aesthetic preferences, and available inventories. One thing they all have in common, though? They don’t know you. That’s where we want to be different.

Here at Park City Woodworks, we take your needs into account when designing our custom furniture. From your desired level of back support to the one-of-a-kind style you’ve cultivated in your home or office, choosing us means getting the quality of the best manufacturers with the freedom of furniture made exclusively for you. Whether you’re trying to develop the right atmosphere to impress customers or need something to complete your bedroom’s elegant interior design, we can help.

Trusted for Furniture Repair

Sometimes, the perfect piece already exists–it just needs some expert care. From family furniture passed down over the course of multiple generations to thrifting finds that could use a fresh finish, our team can tackle a wide range of furniture repair services with the same level of detail we display with our custom designs. Plus, this service is an investment you can feel great about, since it can:

Preserve the Memories of an Older Piece

Prevent the Costs of Replacing Damaged Furniture

Protect the Environment by Keeping More Materials Out of Landfills

Don’t throw out what you can save and enjoy for years to come. Let our furniture refinishing and repair team bring new life to worn-out pieces.

Contact us today to enjoy the unmatched comfort of custom furniture. We proudly serve the Kamas Valley and Park City, as well as the surrounding areas.